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A secret that is no longer a secret!

Hi Everyone!
I am Shamequa the owner of the Intrigue Secrets website. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you again for visiting my website!
At the age of  5 and a half, I was molested by my my aunt's boyfriend. I have kept this secret from that time until now and it is the first time I am opening up about it.
With the increase of suicidal cases in Jamaica, I have decided to speak up about this. In most cases children are molested and are often threatened not to speak about it. Today I am letting the world know that this is a continuous trend and as parents we need to look out for signs in our children. No one asked so I did not tell anyone about it.
This horrible experience made me what I am today. I am rough and I am proud to say that I am rough. I am street smart and aware of most of the things that are happening everyday. I want parents to be inquisitive as they ought to be and ask questions, whether the child be male or female. I ask my son if anyone touches is private parts and even asked if his dad touches him in ways he did no like. It might sounds mean but I am not.
Because of secrets, children are taking their own lives and I wanted to commit suicide at a very tender age because of what my Uncle-in-law did.
Parents we need to be more that a mother or a father to our children, we need to be their best friend.